About Neechi Resources Ltd - Construction Project Services

Neechi Resources Ltd is a Construction Project Services company based in Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada. Construction services include: Access Matting, Logging & Clearing, Lease & Road Construction, Transport Equipment, Firefighting Services, Reclamation, Integrity Digs and Well Site Cleanups. (*Also Available: Spill Remediation, Staff Training, Project Consulting, Site Security, EMS Units, Hotshot Services, Environmental Supplies)

Neechi  Resources Ltd partners combine to provide over 40 years of experience as equipment operators, supervisors, business owners and consultants in the Oil & Gas, Pipeline and Powerline Construction industries.

Our Mission

  • Engage indigenous communities
  • To be fair and ethical
  • Provide industry leading training, education and support
  • Promote a positive attitude towards safety
  • Maintain compliance with all health and safety expectations
  • Support industry advancement
  • Provide safety awareness
  • Reduce workplace injuries
  • On time and on budget

Invested Partners

Our management team is always available and are committed to the success of your project. We strive to be partners and are 100% invested

Skills & Innovation

We provide:

  • Skilled safety representatives
  • On site liaisons with pipeline experience
  • Ongoing auditing to ensure provincial and federal compliance
  • Industrial photography
  • Photo-documenting of all aspects of the project

"Bridging the gap between
Indigenous Communities
& the Energy Sector."

Safety and Quality Commitment

With a commitment to safety and quality, Neechi Resources Ltd offers equipment, training and construction project management experience to develop long term, mutually beneficial, sustainable partnerships throughout Western Canada. Safety is our number one mission. We are uncompromising in our commitment to our employees, contractors and customers.

We aim to continually improve and provide a service that is unsurpassed. We promote professionalism, accountability, demonstrate leadership and adhere to legislative requirements. We are committed to being a leader in the industry.

  • Projects are completed in a safe, cost effective and efficient manner. Our Safety Program meets or exceeds industry standards and is COR Certified.
  • All employees have pre-employment D&A screening, required training & certifications for the job and competency testing prior to arriving on your project. 

Indigenous Owned Company

Operating throughout Western Canada, Neechi Resources is an Indigenous owned/operated business whose primary goal is to provide assistance to Indigenous Communities with construction projects they might not have the ability or manpower to complete on their own by supplying:

  • Heavy Equipment & Transport Services
  • Training & Employment Opportunities
  • Personnel and Project Management
Neechi Resources Ltd is Aboriginally owned and operated

Indigenous Employment Opportunities

Neechi Resources Ltd seeks to develop long term, mutually beneficial partnerships throughout creating Indigenous Employment and prosperity for all involved providing:

  • A wide range of services to the energy sector focusing on Western Canada, bridging the gap between industry and Indigenous Communities
  • Assistance for business ventures with Indigenous Communities for projects on traditional lands and territories
Neechi Resources Ltd sponsors Aboriginal Events

Community Involvement

Neechi Resources Ltd looks forward to working with community members by:

  • Creating beneficial, sustainable partnerships and seeing the benefits in the communities involved
  • Being involved with local Indigenous Communities by creating employment opportunities and providing on-the-job training
  • Providing support to Indigenous Youth for continuing education and sports programs
  • Sponsoring Indigenous Community Events
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